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Health benefits of cats

Leonardo de Vinci once said: “The smallest feline is a masterpiece”. Could that possibly be one of the reasons why we have developed such a passion for cats in our homes?

Your relationship with your cat is as unique as your relationship with any artistic masterpiece. And just like a work of art, your cat may have different relationships with different people, and contain secrets that she herself may not reveal. In order to explore and uncover the benefits of owning a cat, the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition  has carried out scientific research, relating to pet-owner relationships and their benefits1.


Learn the benefits of owning a cat- Perfect Fit


Beyond the more commonly known benefits, such as a cat’s calm and affectionate presence, her playful and cheeky nature, her ability to quietly observe, her soft and soothing purring... the top 4 reasons to get a cat from WALTHAM® research are:

  • Better mood : 

    As a cat owner, you will have noticed the positive effects your cat has on your mood. Our feline friends provide comfort just by their presence and their affectionate interaction. Women especially have reported feeling less lonely in their presence2

  • Strong heart :

    The statistics reveal that cat owners benefit from a 37% reduction in their risk of suffering from a heart attack3 , whatever their age. The figures speak for themselves!

  • Strengthened health :

    Beyond feeling less lonely, statistics show that for older adults, the simple presence of a pet can reduce their number of trips to the doctor by up to 15%4. Now that’s a measurable difference! The advantages of this benefit are twofold; one being the improvement in the health and wellbeing of the older person, and two being the positive financial impact on the public health system. Beneficial on a wider scale!

  • Stimulating child curiosity:

    Cats spark a greater interest in children to discover nature as a whole. Recent studies5 6, have shown that the close relationship between a child and his cat may even be closer than that between the child and his siblings. Your feline friend really does become a family member!

As you can see, cats are undoubtedly good for your health!

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